Terms and Conditions – Dnbest.com

Here are the legal terms and conditions that you should go behind for accessing the website dnbest.com.
Your access to the web portal and employ the services offered by the website shows that you are completely okay with the terms and conditions that are explained below. The following terms and conditions will be applicable and common to all the users, visitors, and others who tend to use the site for any such purpose.
By using the web portal, you be in agreement to these terms and conditions. If you be dissimilar with any such part of these terms and conditions, then you better do not use the site. The website and its services and providers will take no responsibility for the content that is created by the users or visitors. The contents or/and accounts that are posted shows the consent of the authors only. The authors have to take the in charge for submitting the content and information to the site.
You be in agreement to not post the links or content to the site that remains offensive, frightening, illegally slanderous, disliking, spam or spam-like, gets hold of content that is related to adult or horrible, possible to be abusive, gets hold of content that is or might be the personal information of others, risks copyright intrusion, supports illegal activity, and or otherwise defy any laws.
The content that is contained on the dnbest.com is for the informational or educational reason only and it is not an alternate for any personalized advice from an expertise lawful practitioner. Communications on dnbest.com are not a fortunate communications and do not begin or create any lawyer-customer relationship.
The accounts created by the users are exclusively for their use or the individual that has created the accounts, the users or accounts are not owned by anyone. You be in agreement to not license, relocate, trade, or hand over your user account with no consent from the Management of the dnbest.com. With the exception from the businesses or people that reveals the consent to create accounts on behalf their clients or employees, the creation for account for anyone except you is banned.
You are solely responsible for your password and any such activity that happens on and through your account. With no consent from the Management of the dnbest.com, the user accounts cannot be accessed by more than one people. You be in agreement to take the total in charge for the content that you post to the web portal. You be in agreement to take the responsibility for any such losses and or liabilities that happens from your content. You accept not to hold us responsible for any losses that happen from the access of the site or services offered on the site.
The users are marked as dnbest.com staffs are almost volunteers. Content and opinions from the volunteer staff is their private, not to those of the providers. The volunteers take full in charge for what they post to the site. This includes, for instance, moderators, but does not get hold of employees that are actively paid for being an employee.
You be in agreement to let us chase your access of the site and service in an attempt to put off the fraud, offensive, and or any illegal activities. You will not effort to escape, delay or mislead our offensive oriented chasing. This includes activities such as clearing your browser cache or cookies to clear the tracking information. By creating an account, using the account, logging into the account as a registered user of the site, you grant us permanent consent to employ chasing methods flexible to barrier and this may involve saving information on your device that is tough to go through and or remove. Relentless chasing is solely employed to put off the fraud, offensive, and or any illegal activities. It will not be used for promoting or for demographics. The information that is obtained by the relentless chasing is ruled by our privacy policy.
The information that is obtained through the relentless chasing will not be traded to the third parties, and will be released to the third parties if it remains mandatory to put off the fraud, offensive, and or any illegal activities. Instances of the relentless chasing methods includes Flash based local storage objects and ETad pseudo cookies. If you be against the relentless chasing method to put off the fraud, offensive, and or any illegal activities, then you should not access the site or services offered in the site as an authenticated user. Dnbest.com may take to mean efforts to hold back the efficiency of the relentless chasing as hateful activity and or aim to take advantage of.
We hold back the rights to regain the user names from the accounts that remain not active and the accounts that have not been used for an extended period of time, say more than 2 years. We hold back the rights to regain the user names that may be released to the community for the availability.
You be aware of that we are not a publisher of content on our forums. We do not attempt to customize most content. Every day, there are thousands of novice posts that are posted on the dnbest.com. If a post is not storied or reported to us, then we will never go through the post mostly. We hold back the rights to customize or take away any content posted on the site for any reason with no justification. We hold back the rights to cancel or repurpose the username of an account at any time with no prior intimation.
You are giving way us with an unalterable, non-exclusive, permanent, with no limits license to re-publish access and or publish your content in accordance with the service. You keep hold of copyright over the content. We hold back rights to take action in opposition to the user or account within the service for any reason at any time. This may include limiting or prohibiting the user or account.
You may not create illegal use of, design derivative works of, redesign, distribute copies of dnbest.com copyrights, trademarks or any confusingly like marks, design rights, patent rights and or other rational property rights including, but not limited to dnbest.com graphics, photographs, text, software, video, compilation of website, images, audio and or advertisements rendered by us or our licensors, with the exception of when allowed written consent by the management or managing director of the dnbest.com. This does not applicable to the content that is created by the users as long as proper illustration or well judged limitation is used.
You be in agreement to create only a single account. This gets hold of accounts created on behalf of business entities, prohibited accounts, and or any other account that is created by an individual. You be in agreement to follow all the rules and regulations posted by the representatives of dnbest.com, as read by dnbest.com. This gets hold of no vote from any attempt to get around the terms, regulations, rules, or automated systems of this site. Whether any action that is in breach of a term or rule or guideline is at the only prudence of dnbest.com. All such users are likely expected to go behind the rules and regulations of dnbest.com, but at the same time, the dnbest.com cannot give any guaranty that the users will do so. We do not assurance that any rules will be compulsory and how they will be compulsory.
You be in agreement that you are at least 13 years of age at the time of creating the account and at least of 18 years of age when accessing the marketplace. You be in agreement to put up with by all overseas and centralized regulation in India. Your place may compulsory some additional limitations that are applicable to the use of the site and services. You be in agreement that all of your provided information is precise when you have created your account and that you will upkeep the precision of all such information provided by you.
You be in agreement to not to employ Tor, SOCKS, a VPN and or any other proxying system that covers your computer’s identification on the internet except such a proxy remains mandatory to access the services of the site. If you demand the access of proxy for another purpose, you be in agreement to get the written consent from the dnbest.com ahead sharing any content all the way through the proxy, and inside 24 hours of your first employment of the proxy to access the site. If the request is refused, or remains unreturned or indeterminate for more than 72 hours, you be in agreement to stop using the proxy to access the dnbest.com except you are later granted written consent stating otherwise. Under no condition will you refuse the use of a proxy, if you have used one or using one, nor will you deny rendering precise information in a timely basis about the proxy, when the proxy was used, or your actual IP address, when asked for any such information by dnbest.com staff, even tech support staff of dnbest.com. Users using the services from inside India are granted unspoken permission to employ the proxies as mandatory.
If any segments or passages of these terms and conditions are considered not valid or unenforceable, then those segments or passages will be upgraded according to the sense of the terms, and to the sensible limit mandatory for enforceability. If no such customization is possible, then those segments or passages shall be detached and the remaining segments and passages of these terms and conditions will remain effective and compulsory.
All these terms and conditions succeed all past and existing agreements. We may customize these terms of use at any time with no prior notice. Your uninterrupted access of this web portal after such customizations made to these terms and conditions shows that you agree to them.
If you want to buy any product or service made available through the service, you may be asked to provide certain information that is necessary or relevant to purchase, which includes, with no limitation, your credit card number, the validity period of your credit card, contact address, email id, phone number, shipping address, billing address and personal contact number. You stand for and affirm that, you hold back the legal rights to use any credit cards or other payment methods in connection with any purchase and that the information you provided to us is accurate, true and complete. By providing us such information, you grant us the legal right to provide the information to the third parties for the reasons for soothing the process of completion of purchases.
We hold back the rights to deny or cancel your order for certain reasons at any time including with no limitation to, service or product availability, mistakes in your order, mistakes in the description or cost of the service or product or for some other reasons. We hold back the rights to deny or cancel your order if offensive or illegal or unauthenticated transaction is assumed. We as well do not provide refunds for services which you have ordered. If we come to a decision to provide you with a refund on a one time basis, then that is at our only judgment and does not prevent any part of these terms and conditions.
DNBEST.COM, the dnebst.com design, our web portal names, logos, as well our certain other names, logos, and contents revealed in the services get hold of trademarks, service marks, trade names or logos of ours. You are not allotted permissions to access or use any such marks. Possession of all such marks and the associated friendliness will stay with us.
We hold back the rights at our only judgment, to customize or replace these terms and conditions at any time with no prior notice. If a customization is material we will attempt to provide at least notice prior to a month posting any terms taking effect by sharing on the site. What makes up the terms and conditions change will be decided at our only judgment. By continuing to use or access our site and services after those customizations become valuable, you be in agreement to be bound with the revised terms and conditions. If you do not accept the revised the terms and conditions, then you better stop accessing our site and services.
When you are making an account with us, it means that, you are providing us your complete, precise and senseful information that is accurate and accurate at all the times. If you fail to provide your complete precise information to us, then this constitutes a violation of the terms and conditions, which may result in immediate end of your account on our service. You are solely in charge of protecting the password that you employ to access our site and service for any activity or actions under your password, no matter, either your password is with our service or a third party service. You be in agreement to not reveal your password to any third party organization or third parties. You be in agreement to intimate right after upon becoming known of any violation of security or unauthenticated use of your account. You may not use someone’s name or names as a username that is not legally available to use, a trademark or name that is not focus to any rights of another person or entity except you with no proper authentication, or a name that is offensive, obscene and coarse.
You be in agreement to underwrite, protect, and retain harmless us, our parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, consultants, officers, employees, directors, agents, and subcontractors from and in opposition to any and all claims, damages, losses, expenses, liabilities, costs, fees, that such parties may bring upon as a result of or happening from your breach of these terms and conditions. We hold back the rights at our sole expense to suspect the private protection and be in command of any matter otherwise focus to indemnification by you, and in such circumstance, you be in agreement to lend a hand with our protection of such claim.
We may end or dispose your account right after with no prior notice or legal responsibility for whatsoever reasons, including, with no limitation to, if you violate the terms and conditions. Upon termination of your account, you will lose the rights to access the site and services. If you wish to terminate your account yourself, simply you have to do is to stop using the service.
Your access of the site and service is at your only risk. The service is provided on “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” basis. The service is provided with no warranties of any kind, whether implied or express, including, with no limitation to, indirect warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or course of activities, eligibility of a certain purpose. Dnbest.com, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and licensors do not assure that, the service will do perform secure, uninterrupted at any certain location or time, any mistakes or defects will be resolved, the service gets hold of no viruses or other harmful components, the results of accessing the service will meet your demands. We are time to time upgrading the offerings of our services and products on the site.
The services or products available on our site may be explained inaccurately, unavailable or mispriced, and we may experience delays in upgrading information on the site or products or services and in our advertising web portal. We do not and cannot assure the precision or completeness of the information, including, product images, availability, product prices, specifications, and services. We hold back the rights to modify or upgrade the information and to resolve mistakes, omissions, or inaccuracies at any time with no prior intimation.
These terms and conditions shall be ruled, interpreted according to the laws of India and have only jurisdiction and venue in India, with no regards to its conflict of legal provisions. Our failure to make obligatory to any right or provisions of these terms and conditions will not be deemed an abandonment of those terms and conditions. If any provision of these terms and conditions is said to be not valid or not compulsory by a court, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will stay effective. These terms of use comprise the whole agreement between us with respect to our service, and take over from and replace any prior agreements we might have between us with respect to our service. If you or your representative or your lawyer gets hold of an account to access dnbest.com, you have accepted to these terms of use and especially accept to binding negotiation using WIPO ADR. Appeal shall be only pertaining to the query of whether the negotiation is proper.
In no occasion, shall the dnbest.com, nor its employees, directors, agents, suppliers, partners, affiliates, be responsible for any special or penal damages, indirect damages, incidental mistakes and consequential damages including, with no limitation to, goodwill, loss of profits, data, use, or other intangible losses, following from, your access to use the site or service or your inability to access or use the site, any event or content of third party on the service, any matter obtained from the service, unauthenticated access, use or changes of your content or transmissions, whether based on tort, contract, warranty or any other lawful theory, whether or not we have been intimated of the chances of such damage, and even if a remedy set out in this is found to have failed or its mandatory reasons. You especially be in agreement to that under no situations shall we be responsible for any amount of damages even if we have been intimated of the chances neglectful and are or even grossly neglectful.
Both parties and individual contractors of each other, neither party shall be considered an employee, joint venture, agent, partner, or legal representative of the other for any reason, and neither shall have any right, authentication or power to make any compulsion or liability on other’s behalf, only as a result of these terms of use. Our crash to keep fit or compulsory any right or provisions of these terms of use shall not comprise an abandonment of such right or provision. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be not valid by a court upon complete jurisdiction, you nonetheless be in agreement that the court shall give effect to the objectives of us and you mirror in the provision, and that the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will stay effect to the point.
If we do not mean right after that you do anything that you are demanded to do inside or under these terms of use, or if we take time in taking steps in opposition to you in regards to breaking these terms of use, that does not and will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not put off us taking steps in opposition to you at a later date.
If you do not accept our terms of service, then do not use our service or site for any such reasons.