How It Works


You have 2 options to purchase the domain names.You can add credit to your "" account and then purchase the domain name directly (OR) You can mail us on "" With the domain name you are interested at and one of our executive will get to you back with a link to other market places.

To sell domain names on "" just login or signup into our website. Hover the mouse over "Products" section and click on "Upload Products", after which you will be asked to add the domain details , screenshot of that domain name in your account and .txt file containing all details about the domain. Once done click "Save". Your domains will be reviewed by one of our executive and will be live in our platform within 48 hours.

If you pay for the domain name using our platform then one of our executive will contact you through your registered mail and transfer the domain name to your account. If the transaction is done through other market places then please refer their transfer policy for more info

We do not charge any amount for listing your domain name with us. We will only charge you 25% of the sale price once a successful sales occurs.

We offer a broker service for which you need to pay 250 $ upfront. We will run a heavy marketing campaign for your domain name through our market place and other market place, once we receive the payment. We do not guarantee any sale but we will get you ton's of inquiry(Note: We suggest you to quote a fair and reasonable price for the domain once you get an inquiry or while auctioning your domain names on other market places)